The Best Gifts for Nurses


Shoes are a great gift for nursesNursing is one of the most demanding, yet least appreciated professions today.

The stresses that nurses experience on a daily basis are beyond most people’s comprehension.

Despite this, nurses continue to work their 12-14 hour shifts, caring for patients who can be pleasant or hostile, without ever giving much thought.

It is all the more rewarding, therefore, to be able to do something for those brave women and men who embody compassion and selflessness.

This article will offer some gift ideas that will help bring joy to a nurse’s day-to-day life.


Socks may not seem like a nice gift at all.

In fact, this is probably a choice you would make if you were a secret Santa for someone you didn’t know or like.

The truth of the matter is, however, that something as simple as socks can make a world of difference to any nurse.

Reasons why socks are an excellent gift choice include:

  • Many nurses spend their days caring for others at the expense of not taking proper care of themselves. Small things like nice socks are something most nurses won’t take the time to buy for themselves.
  • A good pair of socks will actually help a nurse, providing both comfort and good foot care.
  • This is an excellent gift choice for persons with a low budget, or if you want to give a gift to several nurses.

Badge Holders

Another good gift idea for nurses is a badge holder, as I.D. badges are required to be worn at all times.

While there are strict guidelines on certain things like jewelry and other accessories, I.D. badge holders provide an excellent opportunity to brighten a nurse’s day.

Some reasons to consider a badge holder include:

  • Badge holders wear out frequently, as they are worn every day and endure the use and abuse that a nurse’s working environment entails.
  • Badge holders come in many forms, including personalized ones, humorous ones, and ones that celebrate nurses. Thus, this otherwise standard piece of equipment can actually add a touch of fun to a nurse’s day.
  • Finally, they can be very functional. Some badge holders are retractable, and this will be very handy for most nurses.
  • This is another excellent choice for a low budget gift.

A good watch

Like with badge holders, a watch is something that a nurse NEEDS.

If you leave it up to the average nurse, they will probably buy the cheapest one, with the idea that as long as it does its job it is enough.

You can turn a strictly functional item into a message of love and encouragement by purchasing a watch that will remind a nurse that they are appreciated.

Other considerations include:

  • Watches are a critical item for a nurse, helping them keep track of time, or even a patient’s pulse!
  • A nurse will look at their watch countless times a day. A happy watch, then, will offer countless opportunities to brighten their day.
  • This is a good gift idea for a mid-budget range.

Good shoes

Perhaps the most amazing gift you can give to a nurse is a well made pair of shoes.

The average nurse is on their feet for upwards of 12 hours a day, which makes their shoes the most important part of their wardrobe.

Benefits of good shoes include:

  • The right shoes will offer excellent foot support, which will provide health benefits to the nurse who wears them.
  • Nurse’s shoes can come in fun colors and patterns, so even shoes can brighten a nurse’s day.
  • Well made shoes will help protect a nurse’s feet from many of the dangers of their environment.
  • Shoes are an excellent high-budget gift choice.


In the end, whether you spend $10 on a pair of socks, or $100 on a pair of shoes, your gift is guaranteed to be used day in and day out until there is nothing left.

Furthermore, the nurse using your gift will always remember where that gift came from, because as sad as it is, their job is usually a thankless one.