Ways to Make Your Painful Shoes More Comfortable


Making painful shoes more comfortableWearing the right pair of shoes with an outfit is perhaps one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Shoes, after all, have the ability to take any outfit to the next level. When those shoes are as comfortable as they are stylish, then it is a really good day.

If that perfect pair of shoes causes untold pain to your feet, however, then joy can turn to misery really quickly.

This article will provide several easy to follow tips that will help you make even the most painful of shoes more comfortable, and thus, ready to wear.

Tip 1: Replace bad insoles

One of the most common reasons that shoes cause our feet to hurt is poor arch support.

The cramping and pain from poor support will make standing unbearable, let alone walking.

Replacing the insoles of your shoes with comfortable, supportive insoles will make those shoes a pleasure to wear. Insoles are inexpensive, and they are a great alternative to the pain and injury that under supportive shoes can cause.

Tip 2: Beat blisters to the punch

Once a blister starts, the party is over. Still, simple steps can be taken to prevent those nasty blisters from forming in the first place.

Apply baby powder, Vaseline or clear deodorant onto the heel and sides of your feet before putting your shoes on. These will help ‘lubricate’ your feet, reducing the friction that causes blisters.

In the case of blisters, this ounce of prevention will be worth a ton of cure.

Tip 3: Sand smooth soles

Sometimes, what makes a shoe uncomfortable isn’t how the shoe fits, but rather how the show ‘walks’.

Smooth soles allow a shoe to slide and shift, as they fail to provide significant traction.

When shoes give when you walk, then your feet will experience added friction and strain, causing discomfort and even potential injury, especially to your ankles.

Lightly sanding smooth soles will create a rougher surface, which will provide better traction and stability for your feet.

Tip 4: Fix worn heels

While foot pain usually comes from pairs of shoes that haven’t been worn enough, it can just as easily come from shoes that have been worn too much.

Worn heels can cause unevenness while standing or walking, placing extra strain on your feet and ankles.

Heel caps are available which will restore heels to their proper shape, and thus their proper feel.

When trying to extend the life of your favorite shoes, remember to address the bottom as much as the top.

Tip 5: Break in your shoes

One of the quickest ways to break in a new pair of shoes is to walk around in them while wearing a thick pair of socks—the thicker the better.

This will help to stretch out the shoes more quickly than regular wear would.

It is recommended that you do this before you wear them to the intended function, however, as wool socks don’t always go well with heels…


The perfect pair of shoes needs to be perfect both inside and out.

No pair of shoes, no matter how amazing, are worth wearing if they make you miserable.

By following the tips in this article, you will be able to make those beautiful shoes a joy to wear.

After all, your feet deserve to feel as good as they look in that awesome pair of shoes!