How to Choose Shoes that Help to Reduce Back Pain


Buying shoes that reduce back painBack pain is a condition that is affecting more and more people every day.

Millions of people, from all walks of life, now suffer from one form of back pain or another, preventing them from enjoying life to the fullest.

Many reasons are given for back pain, from old mattresses to poor working conditions, yet one of the most proven causes of back pain comes from the last place you would expect—your shoes.

This article present several tips that will help you to choose shoes that will reduce and even prevent many cases of back pain.

Tip 1: Choose shoes that fit

Shoes that are too tight or too narrow, while they may look cute, can actually cause a great deal of harm.

Apart from simply compressing your foot painfully and unnaturally, they will force your foot into a position that adds stress and strain to your legs and even lower back.

Any shoe that isn’t comfortable on your feet will affect everything from your gait to your posture, thus causing stress and strain to your entire body.

Always be sure to buy shoes that fit comfortably, allowing your toes room to breathe as well as ensuring your foot retains its proper shape.

Tip 2: Choose shoes that provide support

While so many shoes available might look great, they don’t necessarily wear great.

Unfortunately, it is important to remember that when it comes to shoes, function outweighs fashion.

If a shoe fails to provide proper arch and ankle support, then the stress and strain your arch and ankle are supposed to absorb will be transferred to your legs, and eventually your lower back.

Just like poorly fitting shoes, shoes that fail to provide proper support will affect your gait and posture, which will translate into lower back pain.

Tip 3: Avoid shoes that are too high or too low

High heels and sandals can be awesome, but they should be worn as infrequently as possible.

The simple reason is that these shoes cause your feet to walk in an unnatural angle, causing an increase of strain to your legs, which in turn causes an increase of strain to your back.

There are however, some heels and sandals which are designed to offer more support, but even these should only be worn from time to time, and not for overly long periods.

Tip 4: Replace worn shoes

Even the best made shoes can cause back pain if their heels or soles become worn. The more you wear your shoes, the more uneven the soles and heels become.

Over time, this unevenness will cause poor posture and an unnatural gait, all of which contribute heavily to lower and middle back pain.

As soon as your shoes show signs of uneven wear, either have them fixed or replace them altogether.

Tip 5: Use insoles

For those awesome shoes that don’t provide support, but that you can’t live without, use insoles.

Well made insoles will provide your feet with all the support that your shoe should, so this allows you to wear poorly designed shoes without the consequence of the poor posture and gait which lead to back pain.


Making the right decisions in footwear will go a long way to helping reduce and even avoid back pain.

Following the five tips in this article will help you to make those right decisions, and thus, help you to live a life free of the torment of lower back pain.